Do you offer try ons?

We currently do not offer try ons. We juggle full time work, business and uni, so it is not possible for us to schedule in try on appointment times.

We are more than happy to offer extensive sizing advice. You can also find exact measurements of each dress on their original websites. 

What happens if I need a longer booking than the website will let me book?

If you require a longer booking than the 3 days that the website allows, please DM us on Instagram @caprihire PRIOR to placing the booking. Once you have our approval that you can hire it for longer, you can book on the website for the 3 days, but pick up on the start and end date that we have arranged directly.

What if I want a midweek booking?

Our website booking feature caters for weekend bookings, as this is the most popular time to hire. If you are wanting to hire a garment for a midweek event, please get in touch via Instagram DM @caprihire to enquire!

Can I get a refund?

No, we don't offer refunds. You will be able to get a store credit for 100% of your payment if your event is cancelled due to official COVID restrictions in your region.

For all other cancellations, 30% of your payment is non refundable at any point. You will be issued a store credit for 70% of your payment if you cancel 10 days or more before your event. After this period, you will not be issued a store credit at all for cancellations.

What if I damage a dress?

If you damage a dress, notify us immediately. This includes, but is not limited to, staining, rips, holes. You will be charged a fee to repair the dress after we take it to our seamstress. If the dress is unsalvageable, or in a condition that we are unable to hire it out again, you will be charged the RRP. 

RRP payments are SEPERATE to repair fees and hire fees. For example, if a dress costs $100 to replace, and you have spent $30 hiring it and $10 repairing it, the amount you've already paid IS NOT deductible from the RRP fee.

If there is any damage at all to a garment prior to you wearing it, please notify us immediately. If you don't let us know, we have no choice but to assume that the damage was made while it was in your possession.

Do I clean the dress?

No need for you to clean it! We carefully hand wash each item to ensure that it isn't damaged in the cleaning process. If there is staining beyond what we can do to clean it, then you may be charged a dry clean fee.